Welcome to paradise

You have arrived at paradise!
We offer dog, cat and critter daycare and hotel, horse hotel and accommodations. Stay the night with dogs at our hostel. Guided tours of our farmyard and forest baths. We offer farm gate sales consisting of our eggs, lemonade, jam, vegetables and plants. Green health with nature supported working methods.

To be and act in the living room of nature calms our mind, it makes us relax. When we relax our body and mind starts working together.
Extraordinary things happen and the body starts self-healing, the mind starts making good decisions and the healing process has begun.
Through the daily work on the farm and the caretaking of the animal with health-beneficial and meaningful activities for recreation and
recovery of people in need of work-training, investigation, internship and education we host an Open House every spring.

— MorrRingens is the easy solution for every family, we care your for your pets. Well met and welcome again!




Animal Hotel

We offer hotel services for everything from critters to horses. Prices are included for each category further down.


Dog Daycare

We care for your animals. Leave them with us to care for them during the days and go to work or relax. Let us do the job.


Dog Walking

Do you need assistance walking your dog at lunchtime? We offer walking with extra services meaning easier groundwork in central city.


Horse Hotel

You can depend on us to care for your horse. Hay and living included. Other services may be discussed.



Spend the night at our facilities with the animals for relaxation. Dogs offer a comforting effect which affects your sleep positively.


Farm Sales

Homegrown eggs, Jam and Lemonade. Plant, yard and lifestock. Unwashed Hälsingewool and tanned sheepskin.


Horse Stables

Need somewhere for your horse to stay? We have a place for your needs. With us you can let your horse relax.


Guided Farmtours

Welcome to meet all our animals! Guided tours to meed all our animals for one full hour. Call to schedule an appointment at 070-3777489.



Our knowledge in our respective fields is vast. Book us to learn more.

Minizoo Slåtter i Heden 17 augusti


Do you need a small minizoo for your event? Hire us! We'll bring an amount of animals in appropriate sizes. We bring pens and staff.


Facility for Courses

Need somewhere to host your course? We have the facilities to server your needs. Contact us for more information.

barbro synskt medium

Spiritual Guidance

Barbro is a psychic medium. All my gifts were given to me at birth, meaning inherited from my ancestors. Contact me for counseling.


Forest bath

And activity where you as a group or an individual plans a trip to the forest. You stay for a few hours and experience the swedish nature.


Horse and Carriage

Experience rural Sweden. Rent a carriage to see the countryside and experience our farm.

Barbro trumma vid vattnet

Drum meditation

Drum meditation in the nature. You can choose to go by horse and carriage for the full experience or hike.

Dog parking

Are you going away over the day and the dog can't join? Or would it have to sit in the car all day? Leave it with us for the day instead! That way you can enjoy the day without worries.





Leave / Pick up
We don’t have any predetermined times to pick up or leave. Times are agreed upon.

For weekdays and regular weekends normal prices apply. On Holidays we add an extra fee of 500SEK.

All cancellations are carged with 500SEK. Other provided services are charged 30% of the regular price. Invoices are to be paid 5 days before the day of arrival. If visits are cancelled one day or on the same day no refunds are given.

Does your animal need medication? Please inform us. We will make sure your animal gets it on time.

Dog daycare / Dog hotel
The dogs in our hotel goes on four walks each day, the walks are either in group or one dog per handler. It all depends on the individual. The Daycare Dogs goes on two walks. Breakfast is served between 06.00 – 07.00. Dinner is served between 15.30 – 16.30.

We have openings for 20 dogs, 8 cats, 5 critters and 5 horses.

Up to 4 people – 350:- SEK
Swedish fika included in price.

Every extra member 50:- SEK

Experience the swedish nature by hiking through the forest and bathe in the nordic sweetwater lakes.

600:- SEK/person

Lighter refreshments included.

Rent a carriage for easier access and experience the complete atmosphere of our farm.

250:- SEK up to 4 people.

Extra 50:- SEK/person

350:- SEK/person


Basic price
1 day 175:- SEK

Multiple dogs from one family
1:st 175:- SEK/day
2:nd 125:- SEK/day
3:rd 95:- SEK/day
4:th 75:- SEK/day
5:th 65:- SEK/day
6:th 55:- SEK/day
7:th 50:- SEK/day

Multiple days/Monthly prices
1-10 days – 1750:- SEK
11-15 days – 2100:- SEK
16-18 days – 2500:- SEK
19-22 days (weekdays only) – 2750:- SEK
23-30 days (including weekends) – 3500:- SEK

You can purchase extra food for your pet dog 300:- SEK/month (30 SEK/meal)

Basic price
1 day 175:- SEK

Multiple days / Monthly prices
1-10 days 175:- SEK/day 
11-21 days 170:- SEK/day
21-28 days 165:- SEK/day 
29-31 days 160:- SEK/day 
32 days and more 155:- SEK/day 

50:- SEK extra per day

Other services
Brushing/Combing 80:- SEK
Nail clipping 150:-SEK

Summer prices
(May 15 – September 15)
25:- SEK/day extra

225:- SEK

Bring your own food.

1:st cat 100:- SEK/day
2:nd cat 80:- SEK/day
3:rd cat 65:- SEK/day
4:th cat 50:- SEK/day
5:th cat 40:- SEK/day

Food is not included. Bring your own food for your cat.

Hamster / Guinea pig 35:- SEK/day
Rabbit / Budgerigar / Rat 45:- SEK/day
Chinchilla / Small parrot 55:- SEK/day
Medium / Big parrot 70:- SEK/day

Food is not included. Bring your own food for your pet.

Either bring your own cage or rent one from us for the stay for a fee of 50:- SEK.

Horse Hotel

300:- SEK/day including roughage, bedding and daily care. We do not recommend giving your horse concentrate during shorter stays.

2800:- SEK/month

Chicken eggs 5:- SEK
Turkey eggs 10:- SEK
Small chicken eggs 7 kr:- SEK
Hay and Straw 200L sack 100:- SEK

Cloudberry, Blueberry, Lingonberry and Raspberry
Big jar 100:- SEK
Medium jar 75:- SEK
Small jar 50:- SEK

Black currant, Blueberry, Currant & Rhubarb and Lingonberry
75:- SEK/bottle

Soft flatbread
2 pcs/bag 50:- SEK

Personal spiritual guidance
30 minutes 650:- SEK
45 minutes 850:- SEK

25% discount on your third visit


My story

I who run MorrRingens green health & care is Nina, I am born and raised on this farm.

Since the fall of 2012 i live here with my family in my childhood home in Heden as the fifth generation to run the farm until the next generation is ready to take over.

When still young and with a baby of 2 and a half years i experienced an inflammatory brain disease. For 24 hours i lost the ability to speak, write and read. My right brain half got completely paralyzed and almost died.

I share my own journey and what I do is what I love. Knowledge about personal evolution, animals, nature and support from my good friend made me susceptible to fighting and dare to believe that everything will be okay.

For me, the farm has shown to be a place to find back to life, and most of all, work.

I love talking about the unique atmosphere the farm is to rehabilitate back to work and achieve a healthy, functioning living.

For me it is important to give back to the community however one can.

The farm has a lineage from the early 1500’s and there has always been prominent entrepreneurs here.

When my father came and told me that it was time for me to take over i felt both honored and grande. I accepted because i felt that i could further develop my ideas and make my company grow.



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Filmed by Isabella Röger


Contact Info

If you are interested in working with us then please drop us a line, we would love to hear from you.

  • Pärlstigen 9, 961 46 Boden
  • 070-377 74 89
  • info@morrringens.se
123 - 014 29 27
600 - 5060


Message Us

When booking remember to mention which service you want to inquire.

Only appointed visits are welcome. We need time to prepare and make sure visits do not interfere with eachother.

If services include animals
The amount of animals.
Duration of stay.
Gender and if they’re castrated
If they’re in heat or closing in.


MorrRingens is a place for you who yearns for a place to relax. A peace of mind.


  • Monday
    7:00 – 19:00
    7:00 – 19:00
    7:00 – 19:00
    7:00 – 19:00
    7:00 – 19:00
    8:00 – 18:00
    8:00 – 18:00


You can contact with us via email or phone. Get in touch.

  • Pärlstigen 9, 961 46 Boden
  • 070-377 74 89
  • info@morrringens.se


Swish: 123 - 014 29 27

BG: 600 - 5060